The present general terms and conditions of sale govern the contractual relations between Santons Ailhaud and its customer, both parties shall accept them without reserve.

These general conditions of sale shall prevail over any other conditions appearing in any other document, unless otherwise agreed beforehand in writing.

They are applicable in France and in any country of the world.


The products marketed by Santons Ailhaud are: santons -cribs - accessories - regional miniature houses, gifts...
All the products offered by Santons Ailhaud to its customer are in theory available at the manufacturer's. In case the ordered product is not available, and the customer does not agree to the delivery delay which this non-availability imposes, Santons Ailhaud shall offer a product of replacement to its customer who shall preserve the right to accept or to refuse the proposed replacement item.

The prices indicated for each product marketed by Santons Ailhaud are the net prices payable and include all taxes. Delivery and packaging charges are not included and shall be paid within 15 days after the effective payment.

Any modification, at the request of the customer, of the delivery terms in accordance with the tariffs presented at the Delivery article of these Terms and Sales Conditions, will involve according to the case, a reduction of the price of the product or additional charges, being understood that the customer will be notified of the total cost at the time the order is placed.


The products are payable :

cash on the day of the order. The payment is carried out :
by means of the SSL system of protected payment of Santons Ailhaud : Credit Mutuel System by bank card carrying one of the initials CB, VISA, Mastercard or by cheque drawn in Euros.

An order validated by the customer will be considered effective by Santons Ailhaud only when the payment centers concerned have given their agreement. In the event of refusal from the payment center, the order will be automatically cancelled and the customer warned by telephone or mail.

In addition, Santons Ailhaud reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with which it may be in dispute.


The delivery is carried out in all the countries of the world. It will be carried out with the address supplied by the customer who commits himself or herself to taking delivery of the ordered product.

It will be carried out within the indicative time agreed with the customer which should not exceed 15 days after reception of the authorizations emanating from the centers of payment.

In any assumption, the delivery time should not exceed 30 days from the day following the transmission of the order.


The customer has a 7 day deadline starting from the day of delivery to notify Santons Ailhaud that the product received does not conform to the the product ordered. Depending on availability at the manufacturer's, Santons Ailhaud will replace the defective product by the one initially ordered and will deliver it within the conditions and delivery time which the customer has asked.

In any assumption, the customer profits from the legal guarantee of ousting and the hidden defects (Article 1625 and following of the French Civil code).

In the event Santons Ailhaud does not respect delivery time and terms required by the customer for an order confirmed by Santons Ailhaud, Santons Ailhaud will establish a credit memo or will refund the customer the amount of overpayment for this delivery.


In accordance with the provisions of the L.121-20 article of the French Code of Consumption, the customer has a 7 day deadline starting from the day of delivery. When this 7 day deadline expires on a Saturday, a Sunday or on a legal holiday, it is extended until the first next working day.

Products shall be sent back in their original packaging, undamaged, with all the possible accessories and documentations which go with them.


Santons Ailhaud preserves the property of the products ordered until the effective and integral payment of their price by the customer.

Notwithstanding, the customer becomes responsible for the products as soon as they are delivered.


Santons Ailhaud does not accept liability for loss or damage of whatever nature whether to property, tangible or intangible, or to the person which may occur as a result of the faulty functioning or incorrect use of the products marketed.

It is the same for any possible modifications of the products resulting from the manufacturers.

Santons Ailhaud will not be liable under any circumstances for any sum in excess of the total value of the order or where simple errors or omissions have occurred which could not have been avoided despite the precautions taken in the manufacture of products.

Identification of the client

The customer is required to identify his/herself for the purpose of facilitating distance selling. This information is essential for the processing and delivery of orders and the issuing of invoices. An order is invalid in the absence of such information.

In accordance with the law "Data processing and Freedoms", the personal data processing relating to the customers are declared to the National Commission of Computing and Freedoms (CNIL). The customer is entitled to view and correct information held by Santons Ailhaud by writing to the following address:

Santons Ailhaud
4, avenue de Tourville - 13008 MARSEILLE - FRANCE

Website :

Email address :
ailhaud@santons-ailhaud.com(for the price of a local call except expenses of subscription).


These general conditions of sale are governed by French law. Should any disputes arise, they will be decided in the courts of France.

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